About Me

I am a professor in both the Department of Social Sciences and Health Policy and the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, as well as co-director of the Center for Bioethics, Health and Society and of the Graduate Program in Bioethics at Wake Forest University. My scholarship addresses a range of bioethics issues, including:

  • informed consent, benefit and uncertainty in health care and research
  • the development and use of experimental technologies
  • international and cross-cultural questions in human subjects research
  • ethical issues in “big data” research and biobanking, gene transfer research, regenerative medicine and other novel biotechnologies

I have published more than 100 scholarly articles and book chapters and co-edited The Social Medicine Reader (3rd ed., Duke University Press, 2019), Beyond Regulations: Ethics in Human Subjects Research (UNC Press, 1999) and Bioethics, Public Moral Argument, and Social Responsibility (Routledge 2012). I teach courses in bioethics, medical humanities and research ethics to medical students, faculty and graduate students in bioethics and the health sciences, and have taught bioethics in national and international settings. Also, I have served on hospital ethics committees, IRBs, DSMBs and the NIH Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee, am a Fellow of the Hastings Center and am a member of the DHHS Secretary’s Advisory Committee for Human Research Protections.