About Me

I am a Professor of Otolaryngology and Pediatrics and have been on faculty here at Wake Forest Baptist Health since 2002. I started the pediatric cochlear implant program in 2004 and served as the residency program director for 15 years. I have a broad clinical practice which includes chronic ear surgery for cholesteatoma, endoscopic and reconstructive airway surgery, cysts and tumors of the head and neck, in addition to general pediatric otolaryngology. I have served on a number of national committees including leadership positions and I have over 40 peer-reviewed publications.

I pride myself on providing compassionate care for pediatric patients while supporting their parents. As medical director of pediatric otolaryngology, my goal is to provide proper access for families who desire to have their child cared for in an environment that is comprehensive and specifically designed for children. Brenner Children's has resources that cannot be replicated by any other entity in our region and I want to make those resources accessible to anyone who wants care in this unique environment.