About Me

My research focuses on how we change (physiologically, cognitively, behaviorally, and emotionally) in relation to our biological rhythms. As PI or Co-Investigator on several university, NSF, and NIH grants, and as a consultant for the Air Force Research Laboratories Human Effectiveness Directorate, I have established myself as a leader in the field of circadian desynchronization and fatigue, assessing how it affects our thoughts, our emotions, our perceptions, and our behavior. Much of my work has focused on physiological variables related to circadian desynchronization, however my recent research has expanded to include how fatigue affects healthcare worker cognition, empathy, burnout, and perceptions. This research aims to decrease the effects of shift work and clinical work on fatigue and the impacts of fatigue. In addition, I am currently studying sleep, fatigue and cognition in cancer survivors (breast and prostate), with the aim of improving cancer survivor sleep to minimize detrimental effects of sleep loss on cognition, pain perception, and quality of life.