About Me

I am a professor of Public Health Sciences and the founding chair of its Department of Biostatistical Sciences (now the Department of Biostatistics and Data Science). For the past decade, I have directed much of my research toward conducting clinical trials of strategies to preserve physical and cognitive function during later life. These include the Action for Health in Diabetes (Look AHEAD) trial (as principal investigator of its coordinating center) and the Alzheimer’s Association U.S. study to PrOtect brain health through lifestyle INTErvention to Reduce risk (U.S. POINTER) as principal investigator of its data coordinating center.

A fellow of the American Statistical Association, the Society for Clinical Trials, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science, I have authored or co-authored 300 methodological and biomedical journal articles, and my research has received awards from the American Heart Association and American Diabetes Association.