6 CE hours will be awarded to participants who successfully complete the workshop.

Goals and Objectives:

Upon completion of the workshop, practicing healthcare provider will: 

  • Gain competency in using ultrasound equipment
  • Be able to describe ultrasound instrumentation (gain, depth, zoom, Doppler) 
  • Demonstrate proper orientation of the ultrasound probe, as well as ascertain probes for the different types of ultrasound usage
  • Demonstrate proper ultrasound technique
  • Identify and differentiate the differences between nerve, muscle, and vessel guided by ultrasound
  • Understand and recognize basic physics of US ultrasound technology 
  • Be able to place an IV and arterial line with the assistance of ultrasound technology
  • Describe and appreciate the value of applying ultrasound technology in clinical practice

Workshop Testimonials

"After attending this workshop I have started multiple IV's under ultrasound guidance with success. I am grateful to the instructors for their education and guidance! I can't wait to try an arterial line." 

"I learned how to effectively use the US for vascular access. This was perfect!"

"Great teacher. Thank you for providing an easy way to learn an intimidating subject."