Our department is among the few receiving national funding for a pre-doctoral training grant, allowing us to expand our curriculum and enhance our students’ learning about health literacy, patient communication and chronic disease.  

Our faculty members are involved in both higher levels of medical school administration as well as in teaching first- and second-year courses.

Courses introduce:

  • Clinical skills
  • The doctor–patient relationship
  • Physical exam and diagnosis
  • Community health experiences
  • Health care systems


Our curriculum provides a variety of experiences, including standardized outpatient patient encounters. Students spend most of their time in our clinic alongside our faculty and residents, and are typically exposed to community practices and free clinics during their month-long clerkship.

Third-Year Rotation

Once students reach their third year, all rotate through the Department of Family and Community Medicine in groups of 10-12 as part of the Family Medicine Rotation.

Fourth-Year Electives

During a student’s fourth year, we offer electives within our department’s clinic and hospital service (Sports Medicine), and we facilitate all community electives.

Electives include:

  • Family medicine inpatient elective 
  • Community medicine electives
  • Family medicine inpatient elective (for visiting fourth-year students)