Conflict of Interest Management: Upon receipt of a conflict of interest disclosure, Curricular Affairs will review the disclosure to determine the type of conflict of interest. Conflicts of interest include:

  • The Student is an Immediate Family Member of the faculty/staff/Third Party who is assessing the Student.
  • The Student has a consensual relationship with the faculty/staff/Third Party (as defined in the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center Nepotism and Consensual Relationships policy).
  • The Student has a Personal Financial Relationship with the faculty/staff/Third Party.
  • Healthcare relationships: The Student has received medical or mental healthcare from the faculty/staff/Third Party.
  • The Student, faculty/staff/Third Party perceives a conflict of interest exists that is not specified in bulleted items above. Additional information about the nature of the perceived conflict may be requested under this circumstance to determine the nature of the conflict.
    • If additional information is not provided upon request, and/or if Curricular Affairs is unable to determine the nature of the conflict based upon the information provided, no further action will be taken. 

For further details, please see the Conflict of Interest Related to Student Assessment policy.

Student Disclosures

As course/clerkship coordinators are preparing your schedules, we would like to ask you to submit any potential conflicts of interest you foresee during your courses, clerkships, and rotations.

Students should follow the process for disclosing a conflict of interest as set forth by the Conflict of Interest Related to Student Assessment Policy. Please provide the full name (first and last) of any faculty member and/or house officer in a department(s) or section(s) with whom you perceive as having a conflict of interest.

Students with conflicts of interest should promptly disclose the information to the Curricular Affairs Office or by completing the Conflict of Interest Disclosure.