We define FGLI as students who are the first in their family to graduate from college and/or were raised in a low-income household. Our goal is to foster a welcoming and supportive community by targeting specific needs that FGLI students may have while also increasing their visibility on campus and helping them transition and adjust to a professional school environment. Students from a FGLI background have had to navigate uncharted waters, be the first in their families to achieve certain milestones, and faced unique challenges in getting to where they are today. 

Our mission is to ensure advocacy, community, and mentorship for FGLI students and to support their growth and development as they navigate the medical profession.  

Leadership Team

Queena Chen_392x510
Queena Chen
President (MD2025)
Jennifer Zhu_392x510
Jennifer Zhu
Vice President (MD2024)
Semegne Hiruy_392x510
Semegne Hiruy
Secretary (MD2025)
Tiffany Ong - Engage Winter 2022
Tiffany Ong
Mentorship Director (MD2025)
Katarina Acosta_392x510
Katarina Acosta
Admissions Liaison (MD2026)
Jesseca Garcia.
Jesseca Garcia
PA Representative (PA2024)
Damian Hutchins_392x510
Damian Hutchins
PhD Representative (PhD 2025)
Stacy Schmauss, EdD
Stacy Schmauss, EdD

Faculty Advisor
Assistant Professor, Family and Community Medicine