Established in 2016, the Navigating Medical School (NMS) Program is a student-led near peer-mentoring program that aims to guide junior medical students in their academic, professional, and career development. The NMS curriculum complements the 4-year medical school curriculum, offering students day-to-day and year-to-year mentoring from a team of near peers, faculty, and friends at key times during medical training.

NMS consists of three complementary, integrated programs that aim to:

  • Foster peer connectedness
  • Provide positive role models as a source of advice and support throughout each student’s formative years in medical school
  • Assist students in identifying faculty mentors
  • Provide structured leadership development to upper class student guides and executive team members.

NMS threads several core concepts through all three of its programs. Student well-being is emphasized in an individualized manner, with the belief that academic success and personal wellness go hand-in-hand. The program aims to reduce student burnout by fostering greater student connectedness and self-awareness. We further encourage junior students to reflect upon their experiences and set personal goals with insight into their own professional identity formation. Lastly, we introduce concepts of self-directed learning and how students can integrate daily techniques to enhance their understanding of themselves, their peers, and their patients.


Explore the three integrative programs that comprise NMS, creating a comprehensive navigation team for each student.

Navigating Medical School at Wake Forest School of Medicine