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The Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA) chapter at Wake Forest University School of Medicine represents Asian-American health professional students in efforts to foster a more inclusive space within medicine. We seek the professional development of students in the medical field interested in Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) health through building a community with other students, faculty, physicians and health professionals. We strive to bring health challenges unique to these communities to the forefront so that our students can learn how to be culturally competent providers who can advocate for the Asian-American community.

APAMSA Welcome Dinner - July 2023

APAMSA Welcome Dinner from July 2023 Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist.

Leadership board

Kyung Min Yoo
Kyungmin Yoo
Co-President (MS2025)
Sean Wang
Sean Wang
Co-President (MS2025)
Min Hyuk Jang
Min Hyuk Jang
Cultural Diversity Chair (MS2026)
Alexander Leng
Alexander Leng
Cultural Diversity Chair (PA2023)
Priyanka M Chandrashekar
Priyanka Chandrasheka
Charlotte Campus Liaison (MS2025)
Laura Palmer
Laura Palmer
Outreach Chair (MS2025)
Akshara Kothapally
Akshara Kothopally
Secretary (PA2024)
Jessica Marie Souza
Jess Souza
Treasurer (MS2025)
Anna Martino
Annie Martino
Director of Public Relations (MS2026)
Allison Lueders
Alli Lueders
Mentorship Program Director (MS2026)