Organization Update

March 30, 2023

We have recently made some key organizational changes to the education-focused teams.  Our Student Affairs and Admissions team will be focused on supporting the MD program and led by me and our new Associate Vice President of Administration, Michelle Reed.  We also have the new Office of Educational Excellence led by Dr. Marcia Wofford and Dr. Brian Bielenberg as the Director of Strategy & Innovation.  Additionally, we have the MD program curriculum team led by Dr. Jennie Lou who is responsible for all facets of the MD curriculum across both campuses. It is important that we have an optimal structure to align with our LCME accreditation process as well as expand the program in Charlotte to a four-year campus. This will position us for future success in our growth trajectory and in providing the best learning experience for our MD students.  I want to take a moment to thank these teams for their continued efforts in making the MD program an outstanding experience for our learners as we have moved through this transition process.