Alexander-Miller Lab

Exploring the regulation of adaptive immunity.

Ann Peiffer Lab

Understanding why we do the things we do at an organism level.

Appt Laboratory

Dr. Appt's research interests include using nonhuman primates to better understand factors affecting women’s health.


Bethany Kerr Lab

Focusing on discovering how cancer cells metastasize throughout the body.

Boada Laboratory

Focusing on the study and characterization of the mammalian somatosensory system physiological functions, in normal as well as pathological conditions.

Bowden Lab

Identifying human genes that contribute to common diseases in our population.


Cardiac Aging Lab

Focusing on mechanisms linked to the increased incidence of diastolic dysfunction in women after menopause.

Carol A. Shively Lab

Research summary and overview of the Carol A. Shively, PhD, Lab

Clinical Chemistry and Endocrinology Assay Services Lab

Providing clinical chemical, endocrinologic, and specialty biomarker analyses for Departmental and Primate Center researchers and their collaborators

Comparative Pathology Laboratory

Providing histological, immunohistochemical and histomorphometric support for research or diagnostic purposes.