Alexander-Miller Lab

Exploring the regulation of adaptive immunity.

Allred Lab

Integrating genomics, metabolomics and bioinformatics to study the molecular architecture of common complex human diseases.

Ann Peiffer Lab

Understanding why we do the things we do at an organism level.

Appt Laboratory

Dr. Appt's research interests include using nonhuman primates to better understand factors affecting women’s health.

Asmis Lab

The Asmis Lab employs a wide array of biochemical, cell biological, imaging, and translational approaches to explore novel aspects of macrophage and redox biology in the context of human metabolic and vascular diseases and diabetic complications. Our approach is to build on fundamental discoveries at the molecular and cellular level and to translate these into animal models and ultimately, into patient settings.


Bethany Kerr Lab

Focusing on discovering how cancer cells metastasize throughout the body.

Bishop Lab

Working to create a consistent and efficient pipeline for sample collection, LC or GC-MS analysis, and data processing.

Boada Laboratory

Focusing on the study and characterization of the mammalian somatosensory system physiological functions, in normal as well as pathological conditions.

Bowden Lab

Identifying human genes that contribute to common diseases in our population.


Chan Lab

Studying differences in gene expression between offspring from normal and obese mothers.