2021 Summer Program Update: Our standard, 5-week Summer Research Exposure Program format has been offered as a "Virtual" High School Summer Regenerative Medicine Exposure Program for students ages 16 to 18. During the WFIRM HS Virtual Academy, students from the region and beyond attended a 1-week virtual academy focused on RM science and technologies, which culminated with on-site workshops and graduation day on-site at WFIRM.

The Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM) Summer Research Exposure Program (SREP) offers high school students (ages 16-18) a multidisciplinary education, 5-week faculty-mentored regenerative medicine research exposure experience. 

The SREP provides students with educational and hands-on, mentored research/shadowing experiences with WFIRM faculty researchers and their teams. The program is designed to increase students' familiarity with the scientific process and the RM field. We also seek to stimulate high school students' interest in advanced education and careers in STEM disciplines and
biomedical research in a friendly and nurturing environment. The experience also "science" works in the real world.

Tentative Agenda Overview

  • Week 1 : June 14-18 – High School students attend the 8th Annual Regenerative Medicine Essentials Course which is co-joined with the 18th Annual World Stem Cell Summit. Registration fee is waived for this virtual event attracting nearly 1,000 participants from across the globe.

  • Week 2: July 19-23 – Unique virtual academy deepens students understanding of the regenerative medicine field, team science, various technologies by connecting students with WFIRM faculty and graduate students research mentors. Career and educational pathways are also explored.

High School WFIRM Summer Research Scholars

Caption: 2021 HS Virtual Academy Students, Anya Abhayakuman, Raifah Alam, Cailin Antonio, Jessica Chen, Aiden Criswell, Kevin Guo, Janani Krishnakuman, Taekyung Lee, Caleb McDaniel, Sanjana Premnath, Aisha Riddik, William Stoneking, Katherina Tsai and Arya Vinod, joined with Dr. Tracy Criswell, Associate Professor, WFIRM, J. Schanck, Chief PO of Education, WFIRM and Teresa Gentry, WFIRM Master HS educator at Mt. Tabor.

Program Benefits

Academic, Social and Personal

  • Participate in regenerative medicine research with WFIRM faculty, students and staff in a strong team-based environment.
  • Gain unique hands-on research experience and skill development.
  • Attend the annual Regenerative Medicine Essentials Course as well as special seminars and weekly research meetings.
  • Meet and network with peers and near-peers who have similar interests and goals.
  • Heighten and inspire interest and academic confidence in STEM disciplines.
  • Become more competitive when applying to undergraduate schools in the STEM disciplines.

Broad Agenda

  • Week 1 - Attend Regenerative Medicine Essentials Course
  • Week 2 - Lab Orientation and Training
  • Weeks 2-5 - Research Exposure with Mentor - weekly schedule and hours to be determined at mentors' discretion (avg 20-30 hours per week)

How To Apply 

The Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM) has initiated a new opportunity for high school students to explore the world of regenerative medicine and engage in hands-on research by working with WFIRM researchers and their teams.