Members in the Center for Precision Medicine bring together expertise in sample collection and archiving, genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, microbial -omics, cell biology, and computational biology including integrated omics to understand the transition of normal physiology to dysregulated disease processes at the molecular level.

Scientific Projects and Technologies at the Center for Precision Medicine

Scientific Projects

The Molecular Biology of Burnout and Resilience: Project to study the medical and molecular factors contributing to burnout in the workplace.
Contacts: Reto Asmis, Ph.D., Michael Olivier, Ph.D.

Systemic Metabolic Programming in a Nonhuman Primate Model of Metabolic Disease: Pilot study to characterize the impact of nutrition and diet on health. 
Contacts: Laura Cox, Ph.D., Kim Reeves, Ph.D., Tony Reeves, Ph.D.

Biobanking: Development of a resource that includes biological samples linked to phenotypic data for research projects related to aging, cardiometabolic disease, bioenergetics, and immune function.
Contacts: Laura Cox, Ph.D., Kim Reeves, Ph.D., Tony Reeves, Ph.D.

The TOPS GENOME Registry: A new community resource for obesity research. 
Contacts: Michael Olivier, Ph.D., Hector Guillen, Ph.D.


High Throughput Sequencing -Illumina Next Seq 500-
Genomics: whole genome sequencing, exome sequencing, and targeted sequencing Transcriptomics: RNA-Seq, small RNA-Seq
Watch the Omics 101 Presentation | Contacts: Laura Cox, Ph.D., Greg Hawkins, Ph.D.

Metagenomics: microbiome whole genome sequencing
Contact: Kim Reeves, Ph.D.

Mass Spectrometry – Thermo Orbitrap Lumos Tribrid LC-MS System Proteomics: Tissues, blood products, exosomes
Contacts: Hector Guillen, Ph.D., Michael Olivier, Ph.D.

Mass Spectrometry – Thermo QExactive Orbitrap Gas Chromatograsphy (GC)-MS System Metabolomics:Tissues, blood products, exosomes, CSF; microbiome
Contacts: Andrew Bishop, Ph.D., Biswapriya Misra, Ph.D

Mass Spectrometry – LECO Pegasus Gas Chromatograsphy (GC)-MS System Metabolomics, untargeted: Breath
Contact: Andrew Bishop, Ph.D

Single Cell Analysis Cell sorting Western blot analysis
Contacts: Yong Joo Ahn, M.D., Reto Asmis, Ph.D.
RNA-Seq Contact: Greg Hawkins, Ph.D.

HyCCAPP - Hybridization Capture of Chromatin-Associated Proteins for Proteomics Analysis of Protein-DNA interactions
Contacts: Hector Guillen, Ph.D., Michael Olivier, Ph.D

Computational Biology

High Throughput Sequence data analysis: DNA Seq, RNA Seq, small RNA Seq for human and model organisms including nonhuman primates, sheep, rats, and mice
Contacts: Jeannie Chan, Ph.D., Laura Cox, Ph.D.

Admixture Modeling: Identification of admixture and population history events (e.g. natural selection and drift) that influence modern population-level differences in allele frequencies. Contact: Ellen Quillen, Ph.D.

Proteomics Data Analysis: Quantitative analysis of proteomic changes and posttranslational modifications in biological systems
Contacts: Michael Olivier, Ph.D., Ellen Quillen, Ph.D.

Metabolomics Data Analysis: Data mining using annotation tools, visualization tools, pathway curation, and phylogenomics
Contact: Biswapriya Misra, Ph.D.

Network Analysis: Ingenuity Pathway Analysis and Weighted Gene Coexpression Network Analysis
Contacts: Jeannie Chan, Ph.D., Sobha Puppala, Ph.D.

Integrated Omics: Unbiased integration of untargeted genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics data
Contacts: Laura Cox, Ph.D., Biswapriya Misra, Ph.D., Ellen Quillen, Ph.D., Michael Olivier, Ph.D.

Integrated Microbiome omics: Unbiased integration of untargeted genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics data 
Contact: Kim Reeves, Ph.D.

Statistical Genetics: Identification of genetic variation associated with quantitative trait variation
Contacts: Sobha Puppala, Ph.D., Ellen Quillen, Ph.D.

Modeling of Molecular Targets: Development and characterization of diagnostic antibodies, protein drug formulation and early phase small molecule drug discovery
Contact: Tony Reeves, Ph.D.