About Me

D’Agostino is currently the Director of the Biostatistics Core of the Comprehensive Cancer Center at Wake Forest University. His background is in mathematical statistic, and he has applied this training to numerous applied medical fields, including cancer, heart disease, and diabetes

He has taken part in several large-scale community intervention programs such as Free to Grow (a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation project studying family and community strengthening programs for families in Head Start) and ROSE (Robeson Outreach Screening and Education program, a community based lay-health educator program to increase mammography screening among women). 

Methodologically his interests include developing statistical techniques for evaluating data from observational settings, handling missing data in applied problems, and developing predictive functions (risk appraisal equations) to identify prospectively patients at elevated risk for future negative outcomes. 

Some of his recent work includes the development of methods using propensity score models to identify safety signals in large retrospective databases. He is also working on methods for modeling risk appraisal functions when patients have partial or incomplete risk factor profiles. 

D’Agostino currently has over 150 publications in statistical and medical journals as well as numerous book chapters. He has served (or currently serves) on the editorial board for several international journals and has served on numerous NIH and DOD review groups as both a permanent study section member as well as an ad hoc reviewer.