About Me

Dr. Arcury is a medical anthropologist and public health scientist with a research program focused on improving the health of rural and minority populations. Since 1996, he has participated in a program of community-based participatory research with immigrant farmworkers and poultry processing workers and their families focused on occupational and environmental health and justice.

In addition to publishing over 95 refereed articles focused on the occupational and environmental health of immigrant workers, he is co-editor (with Sara A. Quandt) of Latino Farmworkers in the Eastern United States: Health, Safety and Justice, which was published by Springer in 2009. Arcury also contributes to the development of culturally and educationally appropriate occupational safety training programs and materials for immigrant workers. Training materials have included brochures, children’s books, comic books, flipcharts, photonovellas, radio announcements, and videos.

Arcury’s contributions have been recognized by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health with the 2006 Innovative Research Award for Worker Health and Safety, the National Rural Health Association with the 2004 Outstanding Researcher Award, the Washington Association for the Practice of Anthropology with 2003 Praxis Award. He was also presented with the 2007 Mid-Career Investigator in Clinical Sciences Award by Wake Forest School of Medicine.