The leadership team of the Office of Student Inclusion and Diversity includes representatives from across the school.

While our operational team includes members from other programs within the Wake Forest School of Medicine, we are all focused on supporting the educational mission of the medical school and its goal of excellence through inclusive and diverse measures.

Brenda A. Latham-Sadler, MD Brenda Latham-Sadler, MD ’82
Associate Dean for Student Inclusion and Diversity
Associate Professor, Department of Family & Community Medicine
Lamonica Ames Lamonica Ames
Project Manager, Student Inclusion and Diversity
Richard W. Flowers, DNP, CRNA, CHSE  Richard Flowers, DNP, CRNA, CHSE
Nurse Anesthetist, Assistant Professor, Academic Nursing
Kimberly (Luebchow) Ford, MS
Kimberly (Luebchow) Ford, MS
Associate Director, Medical Education Administration, MD Program Academic Affairs
Sobia Shariff Hussaini  Sobia Shariff Hussaini, MHA
Assistant Professor
Director of Academic Practice Partnerships
Sarah Langdon  Sarah Langdon
Project Manager
Maya Angelou Center for Health Equity
David McIntosh, PhD
Dave McIntosh, PhD
Vice President and Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer 
Melanee Mills Melanee Wheeler Mills
Health Careers and Workforce Diversity Coordinator
Northwest Area Health Education Center
Bernard Roper, PhD
Bernard Roper, PhD
Academic Advising Administrator