Updates and Data 

Last Updated: 4/30/2020

We provide these summary data in the spirit of transparency and open data sharing. Given the relatively small number of reported cases and preliminary nature of these reports, we do not recommend these data be used to inform clinical decisions at this time. Additionally, as many mild cases of COVID-19 do not undergo testing, these data may over-represent more severe cases in which COVID-19 testing was performed. 

Please use the following citation if referencing the data on this page: Balogh EA, Heron CE, Feldman SR, Huang WW. SECURE-Psoriasis Database Public Data Update. Www.covidpso.org. Accessed on MM/DD/YY.

Total number of cases reported: 7

Table 1: Patient demographics of initial reprots to SECURE-Psoriasis
Age and Gender Race and Ethnicity Comorbidities Current Cigarette Smoking Current Alcohol Use Current Illicit Drug Use
Patient 1 39, F White; Not Hispanic/Latino Crohn's Disease No No No
Patient 2 81, M Middle Eastern; Not Hispanic/Latino Diabetes HTN No  Unknown No
Patient 3 81, M White; Not Hispanic/Latino  CVD No No No
Patient 4 38, M White; Not Hispanic/Latino HTN No Unknown No
Patient 5 89, M White; Not Hispanic/Latino CVD 
History of Stroke
No No No
Patient 6 65, M White; Not Hispanic/Latino Unknown No No No
Patient 7 74, F White; Not Hispanic/Latino CVD 
Other (nursing home)
NO No No
 CKD: chronic kidney disease; COPD: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; CVD: Cardiovascular disease; F: Female; HTN: Hypertension; M: Male; USA: United States of America;


Table 2: Cases reported by state or territory (US only)
State or Territory N
California 1
Indiana 1
Michigan 1
New York 1
Oklahoma 1
Puerto Rico 1
Washington 1



Table 3: Patient psoriasis diagnosis, severity, and therpy prior to COVID-19 diagnosis
Psoriasis diagnosis Psoriasis Severity at Time of COVID-19 Infection (Physician Global Assessment of average lesion character)
Estimated Body Surface Area Affected (%)
Psoriasis Medications
Medication Dose and Dosing Interval  Medication Stopped due to COVID-19 
Patient 1 Intertriginous Clear 0%
  • Stelara (ustekinumab)
  • Unknown; unknown
Patient 2 Plaque Moderate 2%
  • Stelara (ustekinumab)
  • Phototherapy

90 mg; Q10 weeks

311 laser weekly

Patient 3 Scalp Mild 2% Siliq (brodalumab) 120 mg; Q2 weeks No
Patient 4 Plaque Mild 4% Taltz (ixekizumab)
80 mg; Q4 weeks
unknown; as needed
unknown as needed
Patient 5 Plaque Unknown Unknown Trimcinolone cream 0.025%; as needed No
Patient 6 Plaque Almost Clear 1% Taltz (ixekizumab) 80 mg; unknown Yes
Patient 7  Plaque Moderate 5-8% Tremfya (guselkumab) 100 mg; unknown Yes
Mg - milligrams; Q2 weeks - every two weeks; Q4 weeks - Every four weeks; Q10 weeks; every ten weeks 



Table 4: Summary of logistics surrounding patient infection with COVID-19

COVID-19 year of diagnosis and days of illness  New Psoriasis Symptoms at Time of Diagnosis and Changes, if Applicable Severity of COVID-19 (hospitalization; death) Length of Hospitalization if Applicable Intensive Care Unit and Ventilator Requirement if Applicable Medications and/or Investigational Therapites Used to Treat COVID-19? 
Patient 1
2020; 5 days Yes; small psoriatic papules and plaques (guttate pattern)  No; No N/A N/A Unknown
Patient 2 2020; 14 days No No; No N/A N/A No
Patient 3  2020; 2 days  No Yes; No 3 days No; No No
Patient 4 2020; 2 dyas No No; No N/A N/A  No
Patient 5 2020; Unknown Unknown Unknown; Yes Unknown Unknown No
Patient 6 2020; Unknown Unknown Yes; No Unknown Yes; Yes Tocilizumab
Patient 7 2020; Unknown Unknown No; No N/A N/A Unknown