Simulation Event Teaches Students Technique, Teamwork

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SurgeryFirst-year PA students from the Boone and Winston-Salem campuses and second-year MD students at Wake Forest School of Medicine collaborated to learn respiratory care skills in the simulation center at the Bowman Gray Center for Medical Education in Winston-Salem.

“When you’re entering the clinical setting as an early learner, it’s hard to focus on learning about patient care when there are so many new things in your environment that you’ve never been exposed to, especially medical equipment,” says Dr. Jenn Jackson, MD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics and one of the coordinators of this event.

Respiratory therapists from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center served as the lead instructors during the simulation-based training event, which used standardized patients, task trainers and high-fidelity mannequins in multiple simulated medical environments. Students learn about establishing emergency airway access, setting up bedside oxygen delivery and suction devices, and administering inhaled medications and incentive spirometry. Instructors encouraged students with prior experience establishing emergency airway access to share their experiences in small groups of students.

Putting respiratory therapists, MD students, and PA students together in the same learning activity gave these students an opportunity to learn the scope of practice of the professionals they will soon be working with during their clinical training.

“Effective teamwork is an essential skill set for all health care professionals,” Jackson said. “If you can’t interact effectively as a team, you will not be able to effectively take care of your patients.”

This event was made possible by the Duke Endowment, which provided funding to Wake Forest School of Medicine for interprofessional education, patient safety and simulation-based training activities.