About Me

I started my journey in medicine with caring for the elderly and disabled. I spent summers as a child exploring nature with my grandfather, and as my grandparents grew older, I learned the significance of independence and quality of life. My parents raised me in Chapel Hill, NC, where my father worked as a professor of radiology.

I started working as a home care aide in college, helping people with disabilities stay active in their communities. I attended medical school at UNC Chapel Hill, where I enjoyed volunteering in underserved clinics and getting to know my patients over time. I finished internal medicine residency at Wake Forest University where I receiving the Robertson award for excellence in Geriatrics.

Some of my interests include international travel, and I have done medical electives in Latin America and most recently in Ghana in Africa. I enjoy nature, exercise, reading and good food. I am grateful to be a fellow in geriatric medicine at Wake Forest Baptist Health.