The Rahbar Lab focuses on translational traumatic injury research and aim to understand the highly dynamic and complex responses to traumatic injuries by taking an integrated approach.

By studying the hemodynamic, coagulopathic, metabolic, genomic and inflammatory responses longitudinally after injury in both human and tissue engineered organoids, we are able to develop new and improved algorithms for patient management and care.

In addition, we work to develop new diagnostic tools and/or medical devices to improve current resuscitation and treatment strategies for the critically injured. The results of our research are used to inform improved designs of medical devices and technologies that improve patients’ lives, while decreasing the societal and economical costs of trauma.

Research Highlights

Biomedical Engineering by Ellie Rahbar, PhD

Ellie Rahbar, PhD discusses A Personalized Approach to Studying Trauma.  

Join our Research Group

  • Undergraduates who would like to join our lab are asked to commit at least 12 hrs/week
  • If you’re interested in pursuing an MS or PhD in our group, please apply for admission to the SBES program
  • Postdoc positions may be available
For more information and to learn about available opportunities with the lab please contact Dr. Rahbar

 Rahbar Lab Members 

Graduate Students

Beverly Dosso, PhD candidate 

Antonio Renaldo, PhD candidate

Collaborators and Funding

  • NIH K25 - HL133611, "An Integrated Investigation of the Interaction Between PUFAs and Genetic Variants in Trauma and Critical Care”
  • TASSO, Inc.