My group is focusing on research projects related to ‘The role of gut microbiome and its modulators on metabolic health’ such as:

  • Contribution of gut microbiome and virome on gut-brain axis to regulate energy metabolism
  • Development of butyrate producing probiotics and prebiotics to ameliorate metabolic diseases
  • Establishing microbiome-drug interactions to modulate host metabolism and drug efficacy.

In the past, my work involved in interaction of different metabolic organs to regulate whole body energy homeostasis in amelioration of obesity and diabetes (see: Lin et al, 2009, JBC, Kim et al, EMBO J; Yadav et al, 2011, Cell Metabolism and Yadav et al 2013, JBC).

Currently, we are interested in how gut microbiome and virome use diverse machineries of metabolic organs that confer unlike properties on the host metabolism – for instance, energy intake and energy expenditure. We are using modern technologies (e.g., metagenomic analysis, bioinformatic pipelines, cell culture systems, microbiological systems, transgenic and germ-free mice models) with gut flora transplantation and metabolic phenotyping approaches to address our hypotheses.