Zeidan Lab Members

Fadel Zeidan, PhD, Lab Director
Research Interests: Health psychology; cognitive and affective neuroscience; emotion regulation; self-regulation; mindfulness meditation; placebo; expectations; beliefs; meta-awareness; consciousness; depression; anxiety; fibromyalgia; low-back pain; cancer pain; functional neuroimaging; psychophysics.

Adrienne Adler, MPH
Research Interests: The effects of mindfulness meditation on clinical pain and psychological disposition.

Grace Posey, Undergraduate Student
Research Interests: Epigenetics and the neurological basis of pain and addiction.

Lila Cruikshank, Mindfulness Meditation Instructor

Jason Collier, Clinical Studies Coordinator
Research Interests: Neural mechanisms of religious sacraments including prayer and meditation and their clinical application.

Jamie Crockett, PhD
Research Interests: Attachment and lifespan human development; emotion-regulation; self-regulation; mindfulness and mindful exercise; breathwork; holistic wellness; multicultural and social justice issues; depression, anxiety, trauma, alexithymia, and self-injury.

Suzan Ferris, Lab Coordinator
Research Interests: Clinical correlates of state and trait mindfulness, neurological and psychiatric disorders.