Patients struggle to maintain updated applications due to limitations with transportation and requirements to resubmit eligibility documents every 6 months to access life-saving medications. COVID-19 limits clinic and patient ability to complete applications in person. Clinics are seeking electronic solutions.

Digital LinCS is an online platform that matches & connects eligible people to patient assistance programs for HIV treatment medications. We aim to save time and money for both people seeking services and service providers.

We need your help!

We invite you to participate in a research project approved by Wake Forest School of Medicine. The study is seeking under or uninsured patients of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center who are interested in using an online platform to complete their medication assistance program applications.

We are asking for your feedback about using the Digital LinCS Platform! As a participant, you would share your views and experiences with using the platform in a survey. We will use all feedback to make the Digital LinCS platform better with the aim to increase access to medication for all. Please spread the word about our website and encourage others to join in the study!

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