About Me

I am a Maternal Fetal Medicine subspecialist, whose expertise is on care for pregnant women with medical, surgical or genetic conditions affecting their pregnancy or developing baby. My primary interest outside of the care of complicated pregnancies involves how we train the next generation of medical providers, whether they are medical students, OB/Gyn residents or Maternal Fetal Medicine Fellows. Our educational research group develops simulations or task trainers to allow trainees to learn and refine their procedural skills before working with actual patients. Dr. Nitsche and I teach medical school faculty and learners from around the world how to use these techniques to improve their teaching and learning of procedural and surgical techniques. I am one of two Obstetricians and Gynecologists induced into the American College of Surgeons Academy of Master Surgeon Educators. 

Educational Program Involvement

Graduate Programs in Obstetrics and Gynecology and Maternal Fetal Medicine
Program Research Interests: Faculty Development, Curriculum Design and Development, Evaluation and Assessment, Determination of Competency and Proficiency, Simulation Scenario Development, Pre-procedural Training, Risk Assessment and Remediation, Task Trainer Development and Assessment including Ultrasound Guided Needle Procedures, Instrumental Delivery (Forceps and Vacuum), Surgical Technique and Suturing Skills, Cervical Cerclage etc

Wake Forest School of Medicine Program of Global Health
Program Research Interests: Train-the-Trainer programs, Faculty Development, Development of Task Trainers in a low-resource setting, Pre-procedural Training, Simulation Center Design, 

Center for Precision Medicine
Program Research Interests: Assessment of TRIC in Assessing Placental Function, Biobanking Tissues and other Maternal and Fetal Samples related to Pregnancy, Factors affecting Pregnancy complicated by Obesity or Diabetes