The Clinical Ultrasound Workshop for the Anesthesia Provider is an AANA-approved Class A Credit continuing education (CE) workshop for CRNAs that gives participants hands-on training in ultrasound techniques in order to improve patient outcomes, increase patient safety, and implement best practices. 

6 CE hours will be awarded to participants who successfully complete the workshop.

Goals and Objectives:

Upon completion of the workshop, practicing CRNAs will: 

  • Gain competency in using ultrasound equipment
  • Be able to describe ultrasound instrumentation (gain, depth, zoom, Doppler) 
  • Demonstrate proper orientation of the ultrasound probe, as well as ascertain probes for the different types of ultrasound usage
  • Demonstrate proper ultrasound technique
  • Identify and differentiate the differences between nerve, muscle, and vessel guided by ultrasound
  • Understand and recognize basic physics of US ultrasound technology 
  • Be able to place an IV and arterial line with the assistance of ultrasound technology
  • Be able to assess the brachial plexus and lower extremity nerves with the assistance of ultrasound technology
    Describe and appreciate the value of applying ultrasound technology in clinical practice