5-Year Dual Degree Program in Neuroscience (BS/MS)

This program, jointly sponsored by the Neuroscience Department at Wake Forest University College of Arts and Sciences and Wake Forest University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences offers Wake Forest University undergraduates pursuing a bachelor’s degree with a minor in Neuroscience at Wake Forest University the opportunity to earn a research-oriented master’s degree with one additional year of study. The program builds on the existing Neuroscience minor and utilizes existing course and research opportunities associated with the Graduate School’s Neuroscience program.

Students apply for admission into the dual degree program in the spring semester of their sophomore year. Student of any undergraduate major are eligible, however their overall GPA must be at least 3.25 to be considered for admission to the dual degree program. Once accepted to the program, students will declare a neuroscience minor. Early application to the program is strongly encouraged to ensure adequate time for thesis research. Students seeking to apply after the spring semester of their sophomore year must secure a recommendation from the Neuroscience minor coordinator prior to submitting their application and must demonstrate the ability to complete the requirements of the program within five years. Applications are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Students should identify a faculty mentor at the time of application.


This is a challenging, five-year program for highly motivated students pursuing the Neuroscience minor. Therefore, students participating in the dual degree program must commit to being full time students. Students will begin the program in their junior year. To complete the program in the five-year time frame, students must begin research in the lab of their thesis mentor in the junior year.

Curriculum Overview

Students begin graduate level coursework by attending a Neuroscience Journal Club each semester. Students will also attend the Neuroscience Seminars course for at least one semester during the junior or senior year. The sequence of coursework and research spans 5 years.

Interested students should identify a faculty mentor prior to submitting application. The following faculty have indicated an interest in mentoring students in this program:

Christos Constantinidis, PhD
Osvaldo Delbono, MD, PhD
David Friedman, PhD
Dwayne Godwin, PhD
Sara Jones, PhD
Tao Ma, PhD
Brian McCool, PhD
Carol Milligan, PhD
Christopher Peters, PhD
Carol Shively, PhD
Jeff Weiner, PhD
Chris Whitlow, MD, PhD

Wake Forest University Affiliated Faculty
Terry Blumenthal, PhD
Matt Fuxjager, PhD
Susan Fahrbach, PhD
Wayne Silver, PhD

Requirements for Neuroscience Minor and Master’s in Neuroscience

The Graduate School Bulletin includes further information about courses and degree requirements.