Welcome to simulation and faculty development onboarding! This is your roadmap to simulation success.
Journey to Simulation Success - CEAL at Wake Forest School of Medicine
The purpose of the online modules, videos and performance support aids found here is to provide you with some essential tools to design, plan and implement simulation as a teaching and learning modality for your clinical practice or curriculum.  Throughout the onboarding process, you will learn strategies to help you weave critical thinking and problem solving into each simulation scenario. 

Take the Simulation Readiness Assessment to assess your level of readiness, and to assist you with focused instruction in simulation 

Introduction to CEAL Patient Simulation – Learn more about simulation at Wake Forest Baptist Health

Meet with CEAL

If you are a first-time faculty champion, schedule a meeting with a simulation team member and/or the curriculum designer to learn more about the resources available, the CEAL policies and procedures, and take a tour of our facilities. Email ceal@wakehealth.edu 

The CEAL team will coordinate schedules to arrange at least a few times for you to observe appropriate simulation activities. During this time, you should review the educational resources available.

Performance Support Tools

Download and review the educational resources provided by CEAL as you need them.

Once you have observed several simulation activities and worked on the simulation template for your own activity, the CEAL team will assist you with planning for that event. You may work with the CEAL scheduling team to learn how to request events through EMS/Deacon Space. The CEAL curriculum designer may assist you with developing your curriculum, simulation activity, and/or debriefing plans.

The simulation team or a master simulation educator will co-facilitate and co-debrief with you for the first several activities. Once you are familiar with the best practices of simulation and comfortable with facilitation and debriefing, you will be ready to proceed on your own.

This completes Stage I of Faculty Development for CEAL Simulation.