CEAL Simulation Onboarding

All of the following resources are downloadable as PDF files. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact ceal@wakehealth.edu

Blank Sim Scenario TemplateThis template is designed to assist in the development of simulation cases.

CEAL Sim Best Practice Matrix: Overview of best practice and recommendations for simulation.

Debriefer Self Evaluation: A helpful tool for completing simulation debriefing and self-assessment.

Debriefing Diamond

Informed Consent 2020: This consent form anticipates research (and potential publication) to be undertaken studying surgeon, physician, resident, nurse, and/or other allied health professional performance in CEAL’s Patient Simulation Suites/Labs or with CEAL’s Mobile Simulation Unit across the WFBH institution.

PEARLS: Healthcare debriefing tool.

Promoting Patient Safety through Simulation:  This overview highlights how the Center for Experiential and Applied Learning (CEAL) promotes patient safety at Wake Forest Baptist Health by incorporating five varieties of simulation. 


SHARP Model: 5-Step Feedback and Debriefing Tool

Simulation Readiness: Use this resource to help you assess your level of readiness, and to assist you with focused instruction in simulation.


A Simulation Overview at Wake Forest Baptist Health