JaNae Joyner CEAL Wake Forest School of Medicine

JaNae Joyner, PhD, MHA

CEAL Executive Director

JaNae Joyner, PhD, MHA, received her PhD in Molecular Medicine in 2007 from Wake Forest University where her research focused on translational basic science, community programming, and continuing medical education for primary care physicians related to hypertension, dyslipidemia, and diabetes. After receiving her Master in Healthcare Administration (MHA) in 2014, Dr. Joyner transitioned to a role as Program Director for Academic Affairs at Wake Forest School of Medicine where she held operational and curricular innovation responsibilities. Dr. Joyner currently serves as the Director of Health Care Education and Innovation and the Executive Director of the Center for Experiential and Applied Learning (CEAL). CEAL serves as an institutional training center for students, (MD, PA, CRNA, Graduate), residents, faculty, nurses, allied health, community schools, and K-12 education. The Center specializes in simulation, ultrasound, human tissue services, instructional design industry and professional education, and standardized patients holding over a 1,000 training sessions per year. Dr. Joyner has received numerous early career investigator awards, has published over 10 manuscripts and 40 abstracts at regional, national and international meetings, and has been honored to attend epidemiology and leadership programs at Johns Hopkins and Harvard Business School. She has two post-graduate certificates from the Kenan Flagler School of Business at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill in Management and Business Acumen.

 Dorothy Parnian - Center for Experiential and Applied Learning at Wake Forest School of Medicine

Dorothy Parnian, MS

Curriculum Design Manager

Ms. Parnian received her MS degree in Distance Education & E-Learning while in the employ of the University of Maryland’s (UMD) Center for Advanced Transportation Technology (CATT). Over a 16-year career, she managed the development of over 48 graduate and post-graduate-level transportation operations and engineering courses for classroom, blended, and online presentation. She also co-wrote over 25 winning proposals to perform educational research for the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the Department of Transportation, the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP), American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO), and numerous Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) agencies. Ms. Parnian currently serves as the Curriculum Management & Design Specialist for the Center for Experiential & Applied Learning (CEAL). Upon joining CEAL in 2018, she immersed herself in the simulation space by observing simulation events, interviewing simulation experts and educators, and partaking in professional development opportunities in simulation education. She now designs and develops learner-centered simulation education curricula/activities that address the stated learning outcomes/core competencies within the four domains: cognitive, psychomotor, affective, and team training/leadership. Ms. Parnian’s implementation of a Kirkpatrick-certified evaluation process is designed to demonstrate a compelling chain of evidence and support stakeholder objectives.
Louise Nixon - CEAL Wake Forest School of Medicine

Louise Nixon
Admin Coordinator/Business Manager

Ms. Nixon’s position focuses on the day-to-day business operations of the Center for Experiential and Applied Learning (CEAL) as well as overall financial management. Experience with purchasing the many varieties of products on the market for simulation and procedure training ensures the team has the most appropriate type to better serve the CEAL stakeholders and learner groups. Understanding product functionality allows her to convey the needs through purchasing workflow for approval justification. Her management of CEAL’s equipment assurance program renewals among several vendors safeguards simulation operations for the center.
Maria Crawford - Center for Experiential and Applied Learning at Wake Forest School of Medicine

Maria Crawford
CEAL Department Project Manager

In her role as Department Project Manager, Ms. Crawford utilizes her business skills from her marketing/merchandising background to focus on data analysis and educational research, as well as writing and editing of the annual reports, publications, and accreditation materials for the Center for Experiential and Applied Learning (CEAL).  She is a CITI certified Biomedical Investigator. Ms. Crawford also performs a variety of administrative duties, like event scheduling, filming, return on investment (ROI) data collection, and is cross-trained to handle standardized patient clinical skills events.  She is involved in the administrative leadership of the ultrasound continuing medical education courses offered by Wake Forest School of Medicine.  Ms. Crawford is also the administrative coordinator for all American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) Emergencies in Clinical Obstetrics (ECO) courses/simulation events, which trains all levels of providers to work together during obstetric emergencies.
 Carty Beaston - CEAL

Carty Beaston
CEAL Project Coordinator

Carty Beaston initiated her health care career with Wake Forest Baptist Health (WFBH), in 2014, after a semester-long student internship in Developmental Pediatrics. Following college graduation, she joined the WFBH Developmental Pediatrics department full-time and has worked in both patient-facing and business administrative roles for the institution. Most recently, Ms. Beaston worked in the Office of Continuing Medical Education assisting with the implementation of multi-disciplinary continuing education programs. During this time, she served as the primary contact for all ultrasound participants and assistant for all of the CEAL ultrasound continuing medical education (CME) portfolio of events. Through this experience and close partnership with CEAL, the project coordinator position aligned well with her experience and professional interests. Ms. Beaston will continue to assist the CEAL staff with ultrasound training events on and off-campus and communicate with internal/external participants. Additionally, her recent completion of a graduate certificate in Health Communication, supports the administrative duties for which she will be responsible within CEAL, such as assisting with video editing, writing of abstracts/publications supportive of the CEAL training portfolio, and working alongside the human body donation program coordinator to communicate with prospective donors/families. Ms. Beaston desires to continue expanding her knowledge of all sections within CEAL, while concurrently completing a Master of Health Communication degree.
 Ross Neugeboren CEAL - Wake Forest School of Medicine

Ross Neugeboren
CEAL Education Coordinator

Mr. Neugeboren joined the Center for Experiential and Applied Learning (CEAL) in 2021, following two years of Critical Care Transport Paramedic experience as a member of Wake Forest Baptist Health's AirCare team. Neugeboren began his career in prehospital emergency medicine as an Emergency Medical Technician and progressed to the rank and credential of Senior Paramedic at Guilford County EMS. His diverse professional experience as a clinician, educator, and creative is called upon to facilitate instructional excellence across CEAL's project portfolio. Mr. Neugeboren is a 2015 graduate of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, where he earned his BFA in Filmmaking with a cinematography concentration. A trained filmmaker, he has worked extensively in the motion picture, television and theatrical fields, principally in set lighting and construction. Combined, these skillsets position Neugeboren to conceptualize and deliver high-fidelity training across a variety of mediums. He has been commissioned by the North Carolina Office of EMS and Guilford County EMS to create practical set pieces and effects for training use. At CEAL, Mr. Neugeboren is principally responsible for the development and implementation of training systems and course media across the CEAL portfolio. Additionally, he directly supports ongoing and developing training initiatives for CEAL's professional/industry relations and public safety sectors. Neugeboren remains a certified North Carolina Paramedic, American Heart Association instructor, Stop the Bleed Trainer, and possesses certifications in cardiovascular life support, critical care transport, and incident management.