The Wake Forest School of Medical Education Certificate Program is free to students of CRNA, PA, and MD schools. Participation in this program is purely elective—it is not a requirement for completion of any WFSM curriculum for health professions students.  


To inspire humble educators working towards creating culturally just and inclusive teaching environments for their future learners.

Program Goals

Training in adult learning principles and evidence-­based instructional design and delivery is important for optimizing the effectiveness of one’s instruction.  The Medical Education Certificate Program was designed to provide such training for health professions students, particularly those who are pursuing a career in medical education.  The overarching goal of this program is to improve students’ knowledge of the science of learning in order to improve their performance as educators.  

Additional Program Goals

  1. Create new learner-faculty collaborations to enhance the effectiveness of the WFSM curriculum.
  2. Create opportunities for inter-­professional collaboration among health professions students.
  3. Foster student interest in pursuing a career in medical education.