Education and Outreach Programs

Our education and outreach efforts include programs designed to teach both predoctoral and postdoctoral veterinarians how to conduct biomedical research. The grant that supports postdoctoral activity is currently in its 58th consecutive year of funding.

For more than 25 years, we’ve been training veterinarians and other scientists from Bogor Agricultural University in Indonesia. We also helped establish the Indonesian Primate Center. Our collaborative Indonesian training program in primate medicine and biology remains active and includes opportunities for graduate study and veterinary specialty training.

Scientific outreach extends to investigators at Wake Forest School of Medicine and across the nation who require expertise, infrastructure and monkeys to be used in studies that advance human health and well-being.

We also sponsor a large community outreach program that has brought more than 1,500 visitors—mostly 4th to 12th graders and their teachers—to our facility over the last six years.

These tours are designed to educate visitors about nonhuman primates and the unique role they play in translational research. Our goal is to highlight the wide range of human health disorders that are addressed by the Translational Science Institute and the Clarkson Campus, and to educate children about careers in science.